We work with your Industry's requirements to produce Solutions tailored to your specific project needs.  Whether it's GIS Consulting or Forestry Consulting, Nortek has the Solution you require.


 GIS Consulting

Nortek provides complete Spatial Consulting services utilizing a range of software products.  Some of our services include:

  • Spatial Database Management (digitizing, database management and updates) 

  • Custom Applications

  • GIS/GPS Integration

  • High Precison GPS

  • Custom Applications


Forestry Consulting

Nortek provides a variety of Forestry Consulting services that range from field level surveys to detailed strategic planning assignments that include:

  • Forest Inventory Development

  • Timber Cruising

  • Woodlot/Forest Valuation

  • Trespass Harvest Volume Reconstruction

  • Resource Assessment

  • Encroachment Assessment

  • Operational Project Supervision

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